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Put your trust in our board-certified specialist and legal team. Gail Cohen has guided hundreds of people through these complex and wrenching issues. The best divorce settlements are not won but forged from creativity, compassion and attention to detail.

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A Board-Certified Expert Charting The Way Forward

Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP is led by Gail R. Cohen, who is certified as a family law specialist by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. She will bring 35 years of experience to your divorce, custody dispute, paternity action or related family matter.

Gail has earned a reputation as both a successful trial lawyer who knows how to win and an effective mediator who knows how to bring parties to practical consensus. In a nod to her professionalism and in-depth knowledge of California law, she has regularly served as judge pro tem (temporary judge) in the local family courts of Los Angeles County.

Gail R. Cohen (Gail Rose Cohen. C.F.L.S)

Gail Rose Cohen, C.F.L.S.

Trusted Advocacy For Anxious And Uncertain Times

Most people want an amicable divorce and a practical settlement, even though they may be hurting or resentful. It’s stressful and overwhelming right now, but our team knows from experience that there are better days ahead for you. Our attorneys will help you set goals and priorities and strategize the best path forward. We take the time the listen to what’s troubling you, what you need, and what your hopes are for the future.

We think outside the box: After hundreds of cases, our attorneys are very good at solving these puzzles.

We come thoroughly prepared: Gail will have a plan, meaning you’ll have fewer surprises along the way and more control over the end result.

We can back you up in court: If litigation becomes necessary, you will have a savvy trial lawyer protecting your interests.

It Doesn’t Have To Be An Expensive Fight

At Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP, our lawyers are strong believers in collaboration and mediation. Less time in court means less money spent on attorney fees and more money available to divide between you and your spouse. When you are directly involved in the details of custody and asset division, you will be more satisfied in the long run than if you had left the decisions to a stranger in a black robe. Gail can either be your legal adviser in negotiations or serve as your neutral mediator to help the two of you reach agreement.

Our lawyers offer full representation for contested divorce, custody and paternity proceedings as well as unbundled services such as drafting the papers for an uncontested divorce or crafting a workable co-parenting plan for unmarried parents. Call our Encino law office at 818-435-9965 to schedule an appointment, or reach out by email.

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