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Child Custody And Visitation: Finding Common Ground For Families

As parents, we understand that nothing comes before the well-being of our children. Figuring out a child custody arrangement can be deeply personal and sometimes challenging. You want to spend meaningful time with your children and shape their future in the most favorable way.

We understand these concerns and are here to help you pave the way toward a positive future for you and your children. At Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP, we’ve been helping families in the Encino area since 1996. Our lead child custody attorney, Gail Cohen, has over 35 years of experience as a litigator and mediator. She’s not just a seasoned lawyer; she’s also board-certified in family law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Gail Cohen draws on her long-standing interest and understanding of developmental psychology to address children’s needs at every stage.

Breaking Down The Many Aspects Of Custody

There are many aspects to child custody and visitation, and in every case, the best interests of the child are the guiding standard under California family law. Our team can help you navigate considerations such as:

  • Physical custody – where your children live
  • Legal custody – who makes decisions for the children
  • Joint vs. sole custody – sharing responsibilities or allocating them to one parent
  • Custody modifications – adapting to life’s changes
  • Custody evaluations – professional assessments to determine what’s best for the child
  • Visitation rights and supervised visitation – applicable when one parent has primary custody and in special situations when supervision is warranted
  • Parenting time – the specifics of the parenting plan with regard to the custody and visitation schedule

We can address all these considerations within the context of divorce, separation or paternity proceedings.

No matter your circumstances, our team is committed to helping you create a parenting plan that respects your child custody rights and prioritizes your children’s best interests. Whenever possible, we help clients pursue co-parenting agreements through negotiation or family law mediation. These approaches avoid the stress, delays and expense of court.

When Is It Time To Modify Custody?

Life doesn’t stand still, and sometimes, a custody arrangement needs to change. Custody modifications are appropriate when significant changes in circumstances occur such as job relocations or changes in the children’s needs. Our team can help you navigate the many considerations that go into custody modifications.

Let’s Put Your Children First

You want what’s best for your kids, and so do we. Our child custody lawyers can guide you through every aspect of child custody and visitation. Connect with our team online or by phone at 818-435-9965 to start shaping your child’s bright future.