The What and Why of Our Unique Website Design

By: Web Designer/Vendor for Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP (Webmaster)

collageYears ago, I had a company that catered to affluent individuals and famed restaurant owners on the west side. About that time, Nancy Sinatra decided to sell her hillside home to find a more prestigious place following the windfall from her gold album that included the single “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” I became friends of the doctor who purchased Nancy’s then too small but nevertheless magnificent home in the Hollywood Hills that looked down over the San Fernando Valley where Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP offices are today. The house was immediately below the ‘Space Ship House’ owned by another doctor who was murdered by killers who entered the home via the railway tram that moved furniture and groceries into the bottom of the home/space-craft. The house is more accurately called the Chemosphere House (Malin Residence) in the Hollywood Hills designed by LA Architect John Lautner. That house has since become a famous movie filming location.

My new friend, Garry Whittlow, MD, ABEM, ACEP, was the head of the South Bay Hospital Emergency Room / Trauma Center in Torrance. Spending night shifts with him was an education like no other. One quiet evening he was telling me he could almost always pick out the aerospace engineers (common to the LAX – South Bay area) from the pool of trauma patients scraped off the 405 freeway or suffering a heart attack. They’d pepper him with a constant, unending stream of questions — though they might literally be dying: “Am I going to live?” “What’s by blood pressure?” “Can you see the bone?”

What Happens in Emergency Rooms — Happens on the Web…

I suppose in the digital era that curiosity transfers to websites and any noted, unusual web designs. To prevent interrupting these amazing lady-lawyers and staff working busily away for clients, here is an explanation for that small and astute group of website visitors that think they have stumbled across some Houdini website slight-of-hand.

As hirelings, me and the crew of clever cleavers who design and build cutting-edge legal websites for only the best of the best lawyers, were tasked with finding a creative way to combine 3 separate websites into a single web experience that feels like a traditional, simple-to-navigate, stand-alone website for visitors and clients of Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP.

Why does your Website change –or have– Multiple Domain Names?

To answer some questions, because some of our website visitors, who pay close attention to the address bar of their web browser, might be confused or perplexed. Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP’s website is actually a website-collage, carefully crafted from three discrete websites that are visually dovetailed into an almost-transparent web experience. Here is a graphic we put together which might be helpful in the explanation to follow:

Graphic of 3 website in 1 design

Three Websites Explanation

(1) – Individuals who have been married and then were subsequently divorced, learned during their divorce that Family Law Attorneys handle divorces. These experienced people, would now immediately search for a Family Lawyer should they again require legal services for a divorce or to make changes to court orders from their prior divorce. They will search the Internet for a Family Law Attorney. Thus this Family Lawyer website we publish for those in the know. Post divorce issues often arise regarding support issues, custody arrangements, visitation, and other post-divorce matters that fall under the more general ‘family law’ list of legal services.

—When this site is selected, most information is other than divorce (pre-marital agreement drafting & review, adoptions, guardianships, etc.) as well as post-divorce legal services (custody & support modifications, etc.).

(2) – Married individuals (who have never been through a divorce) who are considering filing for divorce, or who were just served “divorce papers” are often clueless as to legal matters and what type of attorney to seek out. Because so many often open their Internet browser and search for ‘Divorce Lawyers” — not fully-understanding that divorce is handled by ‘Family Law Attorneys’ — this website was published to better-address their website searching. After years of hearing: “I wish I had searched more carefully and found you gals before I hired ____,” it was decided to make a pro-active effort to be ‘there’ — where people are initially searching for the best ‘divorce lawyers’ for their careful consideration.

—When this site is selected, most information is divorce related.

(3) – The law practice, Nemiroff & Cohen, LLP, has a primary corporate (masthead) website that is printed on their business cards and has the usual information that law firms will post on the Internet: A HOME page, a WHY US page, an ATTORNEY PROFILES page, a CONTACT US page, a PRIVACY POLICY page, a LEGAL DISCLAIMER page, THIS page, and other firm-related webpages.

—When this site is selected, most information is about the firm, about the attorneys, how to find us, how to call us, map to office and for smartphone navigation – the other 2 websites step-up front and center when your click on a menu hyperlink in the top or side bar legal services menus.

three websitesUpshot? – THREE Websites in ONE…

Three websites in one – The 3 separate sites are designed to smoothly and visually dovetail together in one comfy experience so that if you never looked at the website’s domain names in your web browser’s address bar (you engineers!) you’d likely never know there are three websites.

You’re Not Still Perplexed – Are You?

I hope we were able to remedy that perplexed look on your face before you found this page.